Semi di Comunità was born from the union of two different projects run by the local group of Mondo di Comunità e Famiglia (MCF): the collective garden “Semi di Comunità” (which started in 2015) and the business incubator inspired by MCF values. The values our CSA is inspired to/by are: sharing, participation, inclusion, mutual respect, transparency, sustainability. Our 5 hectares of land are in northern part of Rome (via Prato della Corte 1602, next to the Comunità del Casale Vecchio). There, we harvest 2.5 hectares of vegetables. Within a wide reserve, mostly composed of native vegetation, the Comunità del Casale Vecchio has several hectares of agricultural soil. Some of it is currently dedicated to a collective garden which guarantees the jobs of two farmers and involves dozens of other people. Some of them are temporarily involved for specific projects, while other contribute on a regular basis. The members of the Comunità del Casale Vecchio have been dreaming about starting a wider agricultural project for a long time. One that would be a more structured and challenging experience, which would combine the will to harvest good products with the commitment of the local community: in a word, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Our goal, is to create a farm open to partecipation by both individuals and informal groups. All members should fully endorse the project and give their support through donations, time, work and knowledge, sharing all together both the benefits and the risks. Urban agriculture is a great resource for urban economic development and food supply. We strongly believe that it is a great social resource too: urban agriculture can help people meeting each other, it creates learning opportunities and places of integration. Urban agriculture can help spreading the care for the environment and the respect for nature. La CSA di Roma “Semi di Comunità” nasce dall’unione



September 2018

Promotional meetings to share the project and find memebers

November 2018

Beginning of the collective works

January 2019

Presentation of business plan and harvesting plan to the members

February 2019

Start buying  machines and equipment to start the farming activity. Soil preparation.

March 2019

10 March auction of the production shares. 15 March start seeding on open air. We have booked organic certified seedlings for the summer garden, we also sow some seed varieties.

April 2019

First harvest, the fastest plants will be available directly on the cultivated fields to be harvest from the voluteer

May 2019

First vegetable distribution